Deleted Photo Recovery: Restore Deleted Pictures from your Memory Card

Looking for deleted photo recovery? Everyone likes to take pictures and store them so that they can later on see them whenever they want. Memory cards are widely used among people due to its large storage capacity which vary from 2 to 32 GB. It is used in various devices such as mobile phones, digital camera, MP3 player, video console etc. However sometime due to some unknown reason it get corrupted and result in deletion of pictures from it. Hence as a result it leads to loss of pictures or images from the memory card.

Causes of Data Loss:

There can be various reason which might be responsible for deletion of files from memory card. Some of them includes:

  • Power failure while transferring files from memory card to other device
  • Virus or Trojan attack
  • Pulling out the memory card from the device
  • Accidentally deletion of files

Hence any of the following mentioned reason finally results in deletion of photos from memory card. The first thing user have to do is immediately remove the memory card from the device. It is also advised to save any new files otherwise it may result in overwriting of the deleted pictures. It is also advised to download a reliable software which is easily affordable by the users.


What to Do Then: Use Memory Card Recovery Software

For easy retrieval of deleted photos from the memory card, there is no other way better than a reliable recovery tool. Memory card recovery software is one and only solution for retrieving of lost files from the memory card. It is easily available in both free and trial version. Its free version can be easily downloaded to check how effective it is. It does not need any technical help while doing the recovery process as it provide user an easy user interface. The software performs deep scan and searches for the infected files and then restores the files safely according to the user desire. Along with recovery of corrupted photos from memory card it also helps in retrieving corrupted files from other device such as digital camera, hard drive, USB drives and other device.

User guide: How to Use Memory Card Recovery Software

Memory card users can easily retrieve their deleted pictures by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Connect the memory card to your PC and then click on start scan button in order to get back your deleted photos from memory card.

Step 2: All the list of storage media files get displayed. Select the drive to recover your lost photos. You can also select advance scanning to start recovery according to the file formats.

Step 3: Then a list of recovered file types get displayed so that you can select the desired files in order to recover. Then start the scanning process in order to recover your deleted pictures.

Step 4: It also provides preview of the scanned files before starting the recovery process. The progress bar appears which displays the scanning process.

Step 5:When scanning process gets completed all the recovered files appears as a preview.

Step 6: Now select a location to save your files and then save it in your specified location.





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