Deleted Photo Recovery : Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Camera

Looking for instant deleted photo recovery? Facing difficulty while recovering some of your photos from Sony camera? Now a days people mostly prefer digital camera to capture pictures of various events. Sony camera is one among them. Photos carries important part in our life as it makes memory of those events more meaningful. However some error occurs and and people end up deleting all of their stored photos. Sometime pressing “delete all” button on your camera may also result in sudden deleting of picture which irritate user a lot.

How do People Loses their Valuable Pictures

There are various reason which are responsible for deletion of photos from digital camera. Some reasons includes:

  • by pressing delete all button
  • formatting of digital camera
  • sudden removal of memory card while transferring files
  • power cut

What to do then: Use Memory Card Recovery Software

If any of the following error occurs, user end up deleting some of their saved photos from Sony digital camera. User thus fails to read any of the files stored in it. Hence it is recommended to immediately stop using the digital camera and remove the memory card from inside it. user should also stop saving any new files as it would result in permanent deleting of the old files. When anyone deletes a photo from their digital camera, it does not get permanently deleted. The space only becomes free for saving new data. Hence user should immediately look for a reliable and efficient photo recovery tool if they need to retrieve any of their important photos of Sony digital camera.

Best Solution: Memory Card Recovery Software

It is very essential for user to use a efficient recovery tool for easy retrieval of their lost photos. Memory card recovery software is one of the best known deleted photo recovery tool and has ability to recover the entire digital camera undergone any corruption issues. It also allow user to have preview of the recovered photos before performing the recovery process. The software scan the entire digital camera and searches for the deleted files. Then after performing the recovery process it saves the repaired files in a location as user decides. Besides recovering the deleted pictures or images it also help in retrieving other files such as songs, movies, audio files etc.

User Guide: Step to Retrieve your Deleted Photos

Step 1: Download and install memory card recovery software and then connect the cell phone memory card to your PC and click on the start scan option in order to retrieve your deleted pictures from it.

Step 2: All the list of storage media get listed. Now select the drive which contain the deleted pictures. You can also select advance scanning method to perform recovery process as per file formats.

Step 3: There also display list of all recoverable file types. Select the desired file types and ten select the scanning process in order to recover your lost pictures.

Step 4: It also display preview of the recovered files so that you can easily view the recoverable files before recovery process starts up.

Step 5: When scanning process starts up all the recovered files displays so that you can easily have preview.

Step 6: Lastly select the location to save your file in your desire location.




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